Mentor Hose Ramps

Aluminum Ramps


Mentor Hose Ramp Assembly

Installing clips. Assemble for use...

MHR assembly-1

Stand ramps on end to attach clips.

MHR assembly-2

Permanently install clips with cotter pin on underside. Ramps should be assembled and disassembled with clips attached.

MHR assembly-3
MHR assembly-4 MHR assembly-5

Assembly: hold segment at angle to previous one; insert one clip...

MHR assembly-6

...the other clip is a tight fit.

MHR assembly-7 MHR assembly-8

Drag assembly into place.

MHR assembly-9 MHR assembly-10

For least hose ramp movement, lay at an angle to flow of traffic, so vehicles cross one wheel at a time.